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Special Solar Eclipse Information
As most of you know who will be arriving in the Jackson Hole, Wyoming area for the Solar Eclipse, that most likely the time leading up to the eclispe and after, that most all cellular phone related communicaitons will probably not be working due to the overload on our local system. It is hoped that you, as an amateur (ham) radio operator, will come prepared with your radio, preferably, a mobile installation. For as much as we don't want to think about the need, we would like you to come prepared to help yourself, your family, your friends, and those around you should a need for emergency services happen.
We intend to closely monitor the amateur radio frequencies; local repeaters and simplex, in case the need for emergency services does happen. Please limit this to a true emergency and be sure to state that you have emergency traffic when calling. During the hours from 07:00 - 22:30 the repeaters will all be linked giving us a better ability to monitor the repeaters, so calling on any one of the repeaters there should be someone available to assist. After those hours, there will still be help available. Just be considerate of the fact that most of us will be trying to sleep. Although we prefer to keep the frequencies open for emergency traffic, we will do what we can to help with other needs, such as directions.
Although we are not planning at this time to be running an actual formal net, if you would like to check in when you arrive you are welcome to. If you do check in with us, please give us your name, call sign, area where you will be staying, and when you are planning to leave the area. This may be helpful to know which repeater may work best for your location. Additionally, should there be an emergency in the area where you may be, it will give us the ability to call for assistance from you.

Here are the frequencies which will be in use and we will be monitoring. Please try to have your radio programmed ahead of time. Keep in mind, depending on your location, we may not be able to hear you on a simplex frequency. That makes it more important to have the repeaters programmed into your radio.

Rendezvous Mountain Repeater:

146.730 MHz --600 KHz offset 123.0 PL

Snow King Mountain Repeaters:

447.700 MHz --5 MHz offset 123.0 PL

146.910 MHz --600 KHz offset 123.0 PL


146.520 MHz

446.000 MHz

Hopefully everything will go well and there won't be any emergencies. We hope you have a great time during your visit here!





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